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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Welcome and thank you for your interest in PraxisMathExam.com   Glad to have you visit our site.

We are excited about our new service. The failure rate on the Praxis® High School math exam (0061) is quite high and the Middle School math exam (0069) is just if not more as challenging. We attribute not the lack of knowledge but for a lack of a central knowledge as the main reason why individuals are not passing the exam. The single greatest impediment for proper math preparation is the lack of a central repository. We saw this as an opportunity to help out our new brethren math teachers and in turn created this site.

This site is truly a grassroots effort. Our goal is to keep the investment cost as low as possible. As time goes on, and in conjunction with getting better feedback from past exam-takers, our strategy is to increase the number of questions while keeping the unit cost the same. We look forward to any outside assistance and feedback.

John Anthony

Frequently Asked Questions:


What value do your exams bring?

Our exams bring about three major values.  The first value is comfort; we monitor the Praxis® Exams and try to create questions of similar nature and difficulty, this hopefully reduces any test anxiety.  The second value is that we ask math questions that make you think about math.  This attribute, we believe, allows our students to think mathematically as opposed to just doing math.  For example, question one in our HS Freebie is a thinking type question.  The third value is productivity;  knowing how to use the [TI] graphing calculators to augment tedious math operations.  Together these three values give our subscribers an advantage when taking the Praxis® Math Exam.



Why does it take up to three hours to access the exams?

The Exams are not accessible until we receive acknowledgement from PayPal. This time event is an unknown variable.  Sometimes it happens within moments and sometimes it takes a while.



Which calculator should I purchase?

If you are planning on taking the Praxis® High School Exam (0061), without any hesitation the TI-89 is the nemesis of all high-end affordable calculators.  Our first thinking was to offer only the TI-89 as our solution to solving the questions for our exams.  The TI-89 is definitely a superior calculator and can simplify many of the math calculations that the TI-84 cannot.  For the few additional dollars (over the TI-84) we highly recommend it.  That said, we also realize the ubiquity of the TI-84, so we capitulated and decided to support both calculators.

If you are planning on taking the Praxis® Middle School Exam (0069), a graphing calculator is not required. However, the TI-84 would be the preferred choice; it is the replacement for the TI-83.  All of the needed mathematical functions for the Middle School exam reside on the TI-83 and 84.  Its ability toward simplicity, power and full features makes it the "de facto" choice.



I have a TI-83, do you support it?

The TI-83 has put Texas Instruments on the map for offering the de facto graphing calculator. Every High School, Exam Board and Math Text book supports it. Texas Instruments just recently came out with a replacement for the TI-83 and they call it the TI-84. However, due to the TI-83 omnipresence in all types of board-testing certifications, Texas Instruments was very careful in not tweaking the new TI-84 too much. So far as we can tell, it is identical to the TI-83 in keystrokes (in fact, if you notice, the keypad is the same). The major difference is the additional memory (for loading much needed applications) and new interface (USB). So net-net our TI-84 keystroke instructions will work well with the TI-83.



I need to brush up on the math.   Which exam(s) should I order?

Our exams are categorized on three levels: Neophyte, Student & Master.  Each level aligns in practicality and in difficulty. 

The Neophyte exam can assist the individual in remembering the basic math rules they may have forgotten.  Our goal was to create a learning environment.  Its practicality toward the Praxis board’s exam is low and its difficulty is low. 

The Student exam, we believe aligns quite closely with the Praxis® Exam.  We monitor the Praxis® Exams and try to create questions of similar nature and difficulty.  We ask exam type questions (none of the typical math book type questions).  Its practicality toward the board’s exam is very high and its difficulty is high. 

Our Master exam is a compilation of math questions that tries to extend our subscriber’s thinking process.  These are questions that we feel "would not" be asked on the Praxis Exam, but we were able to align the questions to the Praxis Board's Learning Objectives.  Our intent with the Master questions was to have our subscriber expand their exam taking acumen.  Although not aligning directly with the exam, we feel they are important.  Its practicality toward the board’s exam is medium and its difficulty is high. 

So to answer the question, “Which exam(s) should I order?”  Well, it depends on your timeframe and your ability to absorb knowledge. If it is the day before the exam try the individual student exams (and a little prayed).  If it is two weeks before the exam, go with the "Student Deluxe" package (it includes all of the Student exams).   And if time is on your side, congratulations, the best investment is the "Big Kahuna."  It gives you all the exams for the lowest price per exam.

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Why do you use PayPal?

We are a small entity, just a bunch of Math teachers trying to offer a product that has a very little market audience, but a good size demand.  The initial cost of setting up our own credit card was too high and the fact that we are not really in the retail business, made us decide to offer credit card authorization via a third party.  

We chose PayPal, which is a division of E-bay, for three main reasons.

  1. They are a large professional, well-established corporation that is in the business of doing credit card transactions.
  1. They can accommodate buyers who have credit cards and those that do not.
  1. They have excellent security precautions. We  never see your credit card number or bank account.  PayPal only gives us the amount of the transaction.  All information regarding your transaction is kept within PayPal.

PayPal’s business model fits well within the abyss of the small Internet merchants.  We would recommend that you read PayPal's home site to get a better understanding of their business model.




Why do your exams end on a certain date, can I get an extension?

Our exams are designed to be coterminous with the Praxis® computer-delivered Board Exams.  Our existing date reflects approximately two advance scheduled exam dates. If you are planning to take the test after that date and would like to get an early start, that would be fine with us.  Simply e-mail us with your request (before you enter your order) and we will cheerfully respond.

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How many questions per subject matter are there?

We are constantly adding and removing questions.  But as of March 1, 2010 the breakdown is as follows:

High School Exams (0061):

Content Subject Matter # of Questions
Arithmetic & Number Theory 130
Geometry 96
Trigonometry 55
Functions 109
Calculus 153
Probability 68
Discrete Mathematics 43
Matrix Algebra 29
Measurements 11
Statistics 52


Middle School Math (0069):

Content Subject Matter

# of Questions
Arithmetic & Basic Algebra 69
Geometry & Measurement 94
Coordinate Geometry, Functions & Graphs 67
Data Probability & Statistical Concepts 62
Discrete Math & Computer Science 42



What is the difference between ordering the "Big Kuhuna" or the "Super Charged Big Kuhuna?

Our "Big Kuhuna" is the bundling of all of our exams: Neophyte, Student and Master.  Its' intent was to provide the most cost effect investment.  Our subscribers' have asked us numerous times if we could provide our exams in subject matter format in addition to our standard test format. 

Hence we developed the "Super Charged BK"  our Big Kuhuna on steroids. The Super Charged BK includes the Big Kuhuna plus all our Student Exams categorized by subject topics.  For example, if you felt that you were weak in Geometry, then you could load our Geometry exam and focus on the type of Geometry questions actually asked on the Praxis Exam®.  Therefore, the 'Super Charged BK" includes the following additional exams: Algebra, Calculus, Discrete, Functions, Geometry, Matrix, Probability, Statistics and Trigonometry as individuals exams.

The Super Charged BK was designed to provided added productivity in your learning process.  However, two items need to be addressed:  1) These are not additional questions, they are the questions that are in our Student Exam.  We are only providing another means of learning.    2) We use the Pimsleur Method of learning, that is ask the same question in different forms thereby reinstalling the value of the question.  That method works great in our normal exam.  However, you will notice that in the Subject Matter exams it may see a little bit redundant.

Lastly, putting together fifty questions per exam can take awhile.  We add, we delete, we rearrange, and we modify.  We have questions that we have recently see on the actual Praxis exam and yet to include them in our Student Exams. Wouldn’t it be great if you as a subscriber, could look at what we are building.  Well, with purchase of the “Super Charged Big Kuhuna” we include all our work-in-process questions, we call this the "Content Stuff".  These are questions that may or may not make it in our exams.  Go ahead, do them and help us in constructing them.


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Why so many questions per subject matter?   The actual Praxis® Exam only contains 50 questions.

Well, if we knew what those fifty questions were, we would only supply them and voilà we’re done.  Unfortunately, the test taker needs to master the "Subject Matter Concepts".  And each subject matter can have multiple ways of addressing itself.  For example, in the Praxis® High School Exam there are 72 identifiable Learning Objectives, yet the actual High School exam only contains 50 questions (Middle School contains 40).  Therefore, logic states that “at least” 22 Learning Objectives are not tested per exam. But, which ones are they? 

If we review just five questions per each Learning Objective that would give us a total of 360 questions you need to master.  Our methodology is to have our subscribers become familiar with as many types of questions as possible, thereby raising their confidence and their ability to pass the exam.




What score do I need to pass the Praxis® Math Exam?

As of March 2010 the following scores were required to pass the Praxis High School (0061) Exam and the Praxis Middle School (0069) Exam. ( http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/PRAXIS/pdf/09706passingscores.pdf)

State - HS/MS State - HS/MS State - HS/MS State - HS/MS State - HS/MS
AK - 146/145 ID - 129/150 MO - 137/158 OR - 139/156 VT - 141/161
AL - 126/149 IN - 136/156 MS - 123/140 PA - 136/151 WI - 135/ -
AR - 125/161 KS - 137/158 NC - 281/141 RI       -   /158 WV - 133/148
CO - 156/  - KY - 125/148 ND -139/148 SC - 131/149  
CT - 137/158 LA - 130/148 NH - 127/151 SD - 124/140  
DC - 141/ - MD - 141/152 NJ - 137/152 TN - 136/143  
DE - 141/148 ME - 126/148 NV - 133/139 UT - 138/145 Guam - 124/ -
HI - 136/143 MN - 125/152 OH - 139/143 VA - 147/163 Virgin IS - 125\ -


As of September 2005 the following scores were required to pass the Praxis High School Proof, Model, & Problems (0063) Exam.

State - score State - score State - score State - score State - score
AK - 171 GA - 159 NH - 140 OR - 144 UT - 159
AR - 144 KY - 141 OH - 139/143 SC - 137 VT - 154


The average test scores were:

Subject Matter Range Median Average Performance Range
0061 100 - 200 143 127 - 156
0069 100 - 200 161 146 - 174
--------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
0063 100 - 200 163 150 - 176



I am from AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MA, MI, NM, NY, OK, and TX can your exams help me?

Some people call it a "toe-may-toe" and some people call it a "toe-mát-toe", but in reality it is the same thing.  We developed (and currently modify) our exams to match the Praxis® High School and Middle School Exams.  Your States have chosen to use a different vendor or have developed an in-house program.  WE CAN HELP.  We are in the process of remapping our Learning Objectives to each one of these states (and if possible include additional learning objectives, if needed).   Sent us an e-mail  and we would be more than happy to share with you what we have put together so far.


I am looking for a great book to review for the Praxis® math test.   Can you recommend one?

f you go to Amazon.com and search for a Praxis Math Study Guide you will get a list of some well known publishers; from CliffsNotes, Kaplan, REA and so on.  We did purchase those books and were not impressed.  All-in-all they are a rehash of basic SAT questions, not the level of questions you will find on the actual Praxis Exam (if you don't believe us, go ahead and read some of the reviews sent in). 

The basic problems in those books is that they do not know what is on the actual exam.  If there was a "great book" we would not have created our site.  Unfortunately, you have to purchase books in each subject matter and then portion out the sections needed for the exam (that's what we did).   By the way, if you do come across a “great book”, please let us know. Nonetheless, we recommend the Mathematics Study Guide which is sold by the Praxis people as a good first start. 

Regarding future examinees of the Praxis® 0063/64 exams, there is a certain answer methodology that needs to be mastered in order to satisfy the Board in getting a high rating per question. The study guides that the Praxis People offer will help you in understanding that methodology. By knowing its rubric you can ascend to the same level the Board graders uses to rate each question.  The value our practice exams bring to the 0063/64 testers is the types of questions (i.e. the content knowledge) they will likely ask.  A combination of both resources can increase your odds in passing the 0063/64 exams (of course the toughest part is committing the time to study both). 



I am having a difficult time reading the exams, there seems to be garbage on my screen?

We use two products that have served us well.  They are Microsoft FrontPage® and the "Symbol" character font. Therefore, for the best possible viewing we highly recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer and having the "Symbol" font.  The "Symbol" font consist of a collection of mathematical signs and general purpose Pi characters. The "Symbol" font needs to be installed on your computer.   It comes standard with basically all of the Microsoft products.  Without the "Symbol" font certain mathematical characters (like pi) will not show up. Such character will be displayed in Times New Roman or your default font.   If you are experiencing problems, e-mail us.

You can purchase the "Symbol" font at:  http://www.ascenderfonts.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=SYM01  



Will your site guarantee me a passing grade?

We are very confident in our materials.  We strive to match the types of questions and the level of complexity that the actual Praxis® High School math exam (10061) and the Middle School math exam (20069) contains.  As further evidence of our quality service, please review our Testimonial page  and read what our past subscriber's have said.

With this confidence, we offer our subscriber an unlimited use of our exams should they have the misfortune of not passing the Praxis® Exam.  To qualify, simply show us proof (by e-mail) that you re-registered for the exam or proof that you did not pass the exam and we will be more than happy to re-instate your membership   Valid for orders entered after March 4, 2006

However with that guarantee stated, one word of common sense:  if you are passing our exams using the old SAT trick (that is look at the possible choices and work backwards) you will be greatly dissatisfied when taking the actual Praxis® Math Exam.  Our material provides two advantages: 1) Surrogate questions that reflect the actual difficulty of the Praxis® test exam questions and  2) “how-to” test problems. 

The "how-to" test problems show the necessary math sagacity needed to prepare our subscribers for the knowledge needed.  Their value is not in what the answer is, but methods of getting the answer and therefore expanding your knowledge toolkit.   Our "how-to" questions can usually be solved by looking at the possible choices and working backwards (again, an old SAT trick).  Trust us, this is not what you will find on the actual Praxis® Exam. 

Therefore, when taking our exams try to reframe from looking at the multiple choice answer and instead, try to solve the actual question. This methodology will give you the highest possible assurance of passing the exam.



If I do not like the material, can I get my money back?

We are sorry about any misunderstandings. Our site is quite evident in what resources it provides. Our home page clearly describes our offerings and we even included a free exam to view before you decide to purchase the product.

Our concern regarding a refund is that we offer intellectual property versus a tangible product and by its construct, it is not refundable.  We also state that policy in our terms and conditions, which you agreed upon before entering your order.

The answers to the exam questions do provide an excellent method for learning.  If your knowledge of Math is not that strong we would recommend that you start with the neophyte exams first.  Also if the lucidity of our answers are not apparent.  Drop us a line and we will try to assist you.





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